About us

Following the loss of Charley, to leukaemia, in July 2004 (see Charley’s Story), her family felt that they wanted to do something to repay the kindness, care and support that they had received from all of the hospitals and organisations who had helped and cared for Charley, and her family, throughout her illness.

Family and friends began fundraising in 2005 and some £13,000 was raised over two years. Donations were made to The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey and the Chase Children’s Hospice ‘Christopher’s’ in Guildford, and the charity Children with Leukaemia.

Fundraising has been a positive focus for Charley’s family and friends so it was decided to continue indefinitely and in September 2007, the Charley Paige Trust was established as a charitable Trust and full registered status was granted in October 2008.

What we provide

We try to provide grants to help with things that enhances the child’s life and/or makes life easier for the whole family – things that are not always obvious to those who have not experienced the extreme heartache and practical implications of having a very sick child and things that can help tremendously in difficult times.

Unlike the larger charities our overheads are extremely low, we use your money to help directly where it’s needed. Only a very small amount of the money raised is used for essential costs. We are all volunteers and there are no plush offices to run. So you can be assured that almost every penny raised goes directly to these families.