These are ideas for games you can play anywhere.


Chocolate or cheese?

chocolate1. Each person takes turns in asking questions like….

What do you like best chocolate or cheese?
What do you like best night or day?

2. Everyone has to answer every question no matter how hard it is.


Shopping alphabet

abc1. One person starts with the first letter of the alphabet ‘A’ and says…

“I went shopping and I brought an apple.”

2. The next person has to add an item to the list but now beginning with ‘B’….

“I went shopping and I brought an apple and a ball.”

3. Continue adding an item each time going though the alphabet until someone forgets the list.


Silly pictures

silly-pictures1. Start by everyone drawing a head and neck at the top of the paper. Fold the paper over so then next person can not see the head but at the bottom leave part of the neck so it still can be seen.

2. Swap drawings.

3. Next draw a body, arms down to the waist. When finished fold the paper over so you just leave lines were the waist ends.

4. Swap drawings.

5. Next draw legs as far as the ankles, fold leaving the ends of the legs just showing.

6. Swap drawing.

7. Lastly draw the feet. Fold over.

8. Swap drawings.

9. Open to view your silly picture.


Pink toads

pink-toads1. One person asks the questions like, “What is your favourite snack?

2. The other person has to answer “Pink toads” to every question.

3. Keep asking questions trying to make the other person laugh.

4. If they laugh they are out and someone else has to answer the questions.

Try answering using other silly things; “Green worms”, “Purple elephants” and so on.


Non-stop drawing

  1. non-stop-drawingWithout taking your pencil off the paper (you can go over the same line) try drawing the following:
  2. A big square for a house.
  3. Add a roof.
  4. Add a chimney.
  5. Add wiggly lines for the tiles.
  6. Add windows.
  7. Add a door.
  8. Add a path.



Blind drawing

  1. blind-drawingSimilar to above but this time you can take your pencil off the paper. Make sure you can’t see and draw the following:
  2. A big square for a house.
  3. Add a roof.
  4. Add a chimney.
  5. Add four windows.
  6. Add a door.
  7. Add a path leading up to the door.
  8. Add a tree to the side in the garden.



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