When a child is diagnosed with a life limiting illness or a complex disability, their families can face much turmoil. At a time when they desperately want to focus on the needs of their child, many parents are faced with severe financial hardship as they reduce their working hours to care for their child. A desperate situation can quickly become unbearable.

We are a grant making trust providing funds for equipment and services from medical/educational/recreational equipment, to travel and parking costs for the many hospital visits that families have to make.

Bishopsgate Fun Run

This year Bishopsgate School are running to raise funds for Charley Paige Trust because we'd like to support an amazing local charity.

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  • Celebrating our 10th Year

    On 13th September 2016 we will be at the beginning of our 10th year.  WOW where has all that time gone. We will be celebrating this achievement throughout this year through our fundraising, with a special event in September 2017 to mark our 10th Anniversary. We will also be trying to engage as many new […]Read More »

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